Working with Sonja Ewy from Next Model Management

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sonja Ewy from Next Model Management. She was only in town for a few days but I HAD to work with her. I’ve found there’s a serious lack of blondes in Orlando (which is weird because it’s Florida) but oh well. Coincidentally a stylist I had been dying to work with contacted me the day before the shoot. I thrive on last minute work and thankfully so does she. Erica drove up from Tampa the next day to shoot with us!blog1blog4blog3blog2She brought a lot of super cute clothes; I always end up wanting to shoot for hours and hours but I know that’s not reasonable and I end up paying for it the next day Totally worth it though! I always start natural and build so we started with a really cute white dress that got sent from a designer out in LA. I could have shot this girl natural all day… I love all types of makeup but I usually let the faces talk to me and then I go from there. She has the typical Swedish look that works so well for clean beauty, I almost dreaded putting more makeup on. It’s not often that I say that!We eventually threw some dark lipstick on her and brought her outside for a modern 70’s looks. It was too hot and too bright still outside to get anything that I truly fell in love with but we came back to the studio and shot the same look in the studio. I’ll eventually get to the outside photos and quite a few more of this look but in the mean time here’s a sneak peek!After I finally forced myself to put eyeliner on her and some bright lipstick we shot this fun look. I have quite a bit more from this set, including some with Little Bug and a super fun camera!!! Several looks and hours later we finally wrapped it up and I was beyond happy with the result. I promised Sonja we would do a darker shoot since all of her photos are quite “Florida” and I’m quite excited about it. I really just wish I had more time to shoot, edit, live, ect!
Jessie Dee

Jessie Dee

I'm a female photographer and content creator with a focus on beauty, portraits, fashion, and adventurer. Take a trip with me for a behind the scenes look at some of my favorite exclusive content.

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