Photo Retouching


I have been providing professional high end photo retouching in Orlando, Florida for the past 5 years, and working internationally with award winning photographers, agency creatives and magazines. I started my career as a Makeup Artist. I was disappointed when I realized the retouchers I hired, had only a basic knowledge of makeup. I begged my boyfriend, who is a graphic designer, to show me the ropes of Photoshop. After a few lessons, I was hooked! Shortly after, I was contracted for the photo retouching for almost every shoot I worked on.

My background in makeup has helped me greatly with photo retouching. Being a woman doesn't hurt either :) To make my photos really stand out,  I use  my attention to detail, highlight and contouring and knowledge of color theory. I truly take the time to understand what you want to convey in the photo and it helps me bring your vision a reality!

Fashion, Portrait and Beauty Retouching

Fashion, editorial, commercial, portrait and beauty photo retouching are my specialty. I work closely with several fashion, beauty and commercial photographers. I also have a wide array of clients such as; graphic designers, models, make-up artists, advertising agencies, medical companies and magazine editors in Orlando and internationally.  My work has appeared in several leading fashion and beauty publications and on billboards across the country. Several high profile clients, professional athletes, recording artists and celebrities trust me for their photo retouching needs. I take privacy and confidentiality of my work and clients very seriously. Discretion is my first priority.

For retouching quotes, please email a link to the photo you’d like to have retouched to me. Include an overview with specific details about what you would like accomplished from the retouching. I will reply with an estimate for the work. If you’re not quite sure what you’d like done to the image, we can work together to figure out what will suit the photo best.

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What is retouching? Photo retouching is required by most professional photographers today. It adds a polished, finished look to enhance a shot so that it can be shown at its best. Photo retouching through digital cosmetic surgery can simulate a facelift, smooth away wrinkles, fix that double chin, clear up acne and other blemishes, fix messy hair, and even make a large nose look smaller. Hair color, backgrounds and clothing can also be adjusted. Body slimming, such as a tummy tuck or straightening a rounded back or shoulders, is not impossible. Red eye can be removed, and teeth can be straightened and whitened. Eyelashes can be extended and darkened, and facial features can be enhanced. Skin tone and texture can be improved, and make-up can even be added or changed. Filters can be added to change the look and feel of the photograph.

Other terms for photo retouching are: image edit, photo editor, photo restore, photo enhance, color retouch, photo repair, photo correction, picture retouching, photo manipulation, beauty retouch, post production,  and image manipulation.