Orlando Photography; The Best Makeup and Hair From Fashion Week

Makeup On Hand invited me to work as a Makeup Artist for Winter Park Fashion Week on Park Avenue. I brought my camera, so I wanted to do a mini photoshoot of some of the looks there. I do a lot of Orlando photography so luckily, I knew a lot of the models already. They were gracious enough to let me take their photograph during the downtime. They had their hair and makeup done but were just in the clothes they came there in. While I would of loved to shoot them all done up, the photography turned out better than expected.
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Orlando Photography by Jessie Dee at Winter Park Fashion Week Model Jackie Hoag for Wearable Art. Photography by Jessie Dee. Makeup by Whitney Costner.I never walked more than 10 ft from the tent door and just took them outside whenever we had a short break. I normally spend a lot of time planning my shoots &  retouching my photography. However, I wanted to show something different so I did VERY minimal retouching on these.Winter Park Fashion Week Photography by Jessie Dee Model Sarah Wynne for Liz and Bebe’s Leopard Makeup. Photography by Jessie Dee.I only used my flash and  natural light with my nifty fifty and it was a 5 minute photo shoot! Orlando photography at its best!Winter Park Fashion Week with Courtney Bucher - Orlando Photography Model Courtney Bucher at MC2 Model Management for Forema Boutique. Photography and Makeup by Jessie Dee.I’m a sucker for redheads! This photo immediately reminded me of  something from Japan or a video game character!Orlando Photography of BMG Models Photography by Jessie Dee Model Makayla Meisel at BMG Models for Charyli. Photography and Makeup by Jessie Dee.One of my favorite models that I worked with from Orlando Premiere Beauty Show. Her skin is smoother than porcelain. Charyli  has also become one of my favorite collaborators. They’ve got a great little store on Park Avenue and I frequently feature their clothing in my shoots.Orlando Photography Backstage at Winter Park Fashion Week by Jessie Dee Model Jeneka Kekuaokalani for Tuni.Photography by Jessie Dee. Makeup by Amanda Harvey at Makeup On Hand.Vivo Swimwear by Jessie Dee, Orlando Photography Model Hunter Denoyelles at MC2 Model Management for Vivo Swimwear. Orlando Photography by Jessie Dee. Makeup by Sheri MichelleSome people could call Hunter my muse lately. I do quite a bit of photography with her in Orlando and I think she has big things ahead of her! I can’t wait for you guys to see our Ranch Editorial coming out soon!!

Jessie Dee at Orlando Photography

Unfortunately, I don’t know this young ladies name. She is 15 years old and 5’11 and isn’t signed with an agency yet!! I told her, when she’s ready, agencies are going to be knocking down her door. Orlando photography needs faces like this!

Before and Afters

I also did Makeup for the runway show so I managed to get a few before and afters. You can also see what the models looked like without makeup or retouching.image_12Courtney Bucher MC2Before Makeup at Park Avenue Fashion WeekAfter Makeup at Park Avenue Fashion WeekThe lighting was pretty harsh there and I just used my iphone. Sorry! I didn’t get to take out my camera until things slowed down a bit.Before Orlando Photographybackstage with orlando photography jessie deeOrlando photography beforeThe last photo is by Winter Park Photography from the show.Jessie Dee Photography of bakcstage Winter Park Fashion Week Amanda Harvey from Makeup On Hand working her magic on Tuni Model and Stylist Jeneka Kekuaokalani

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